Sunday, March 15, 2009


This weekend I have been stamping LIKE CRAZY!!! I finally decided to "go for it" and reserve a booth at our local "Flatlanders" Parade and Craft Fair on May 9th in the Madera Ranchos. I will be setting up a booth to sell my stamped cards and also to promote my Stampin' Up! business. So this weekend, it hit me that I had better get with it and get to work stamping so that I would have something to sell.

So, this weekend I spent it making cards....TONS of them....about 80!!! Now, I will tell you that I made these cards very CAS (Clean and Simple) and I stamped them in an assembly-line type fashion. Then with the help of my daughter Madison we packaged them in some old baggie-type baggies and she made labels for them.

Here's some pictures of what I did this weekend......Whew!!!!

These are in sets of 6.
Here are what the sets look like....I just made 4 of each of the 6 cards and then collated them into sets.
These are little cards I made using my favorite thing....the BIG SHOT!! I made sets of 4...each card being the same color and then using different colored flowers....also cut using the Big Shot!! These little babies were fun to put together....and honestly, only took me a few minutes a set.
Please leave me a comment and let me know your opinion on the price. I want to sell LOTS of them....since each one has a business card in it and I'm also hoping to get some workshops or new clubs from this. I don't want to give them away, but I also don't want to price them so high that folks won't buy them! Also, any other advice, tips, ideas, etc. on selling cards would be helpful too!!!

I'll keep you posted on how my progress is will keep me accountable too!!! So, ASK ME how the inventory is coming along!!! Now that I have decided to do this, I'm actually excited about mind has been working overtime thinking of things that I could do.

Until next time...Find some time for stamping!!!!
Blessings, Cindy

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Andrea said...


I admire your bravery. What you have posted so far is gorgeous and should go like hot cakes. I will check back to see what else you have for us to see.



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