Sunday, February 22, 2009


Tomorrow my children, Andy & Madison, leave for 6th grade camp. So this afternoon, after church and lunch, we were getting them all packed up and noticed that the duffel bag that Madison was going to take had a small hole in it. So she suggested we iron on a patch instead of darning it with the sewing machine. So, instead of just ironing on a boring square patch, we got out the BIG SHOT and die cut some cute flowers using iron on patch material. How EASY is that!!! I LOVE my Big Shot....and am loving it more each time I use it!!!

Here is a picture of Madison and her now super cute duffel bag!!

Find some time for stamping!!!! (or for using your Big shot!!)
Blessings, Cindy

1 comment:

Cindy (wife to Geraud and mommy to Lauren & Benjamin) said...

So cute. I wish I had a hole in my duffle bag. Better yet, I wish I had a big shot. ;)


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