Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I just have a quick post today.

Yesterday Steve went to the doctor's because his foot had REALLY been hurting him when he walked....and he has a very high threshold of pain too. So, after awhile he calls and tells me that he's getting an x-ray, MRI, and having some lab work done....which, alarmed me a bit at first. Later that afternoon he calls to tell me that he's getting a CAST!! They found out that he has a severe case of tendonitis and he has to keep his foot immobilized. They gave him a walking boot....but he needs to keep off it as much as possible.

So here's a picture of my "twins"......
Here's their matching casts.....
Until next time....find some time for stamping!!!
Hugs, Cindy


Mary Cavalier said...

Oh my! So nice that they chose matching casts though.

Lesley said...

Cindy what a pair you have!!! Dad obviously didn't want to be left out - hope they both repair soon - you'll be shattered looking after them all - you take care Lesley x


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