Monday, October 5, 2009


HELLO!! I know, I know.....I will probably never be known for my blogging! But I do have some pretty good excuses for my absence.

Actually, the first thing that de-railed my blogging efforts was the fact that our office/stamp room has been torn to smithereens!!! ( is that how you spell it???) It is torn up, though, for a fantastic reason.....we are beginning to put built ins in! Yipppeee!!!

A couple of weeks ago, Steve and I drove up to IKEA (which I might add is a 3 HOUR DRIVE) and met with a space planner. She helped us draw up plans and then we purchased what we needed for space. Here is most of the stuff in the garage....Steve is already working on the assembly.
But in order to make way for the new.....we had to get rid of the, last weekend, we had a yard sale and sold a bunch of the office stuff, along with a bunch of other "junk". We sold a big bookshelf which held almost all of my stamp now what I am left with a quite a mess! Below is how my area looks right now....this table is where I usually do my stamping!
Here is another picture of another part of the room....
We emptied out Steve's desk and 2 filing cabinets and put that stuff into!

Anyway....good things are coming out of this so I am thrilled! I will definitely show pictures of my new and improved stamping room when we're done.....oh yeah....I need to remember that Steve has an office in there too :-D

Enough about to something with ink on it.

Well.... we are going to have a Halloween party for the kids and a few of their friends from Madison, who is a pretty good little stamper, designed and made the invites. She did all the design work and stamping, I just helped out a bit here and there.
We printed the party information from the computer and then mounted it on cardstock. You can't really tell from the photo, but the turned down edge of the pocket card is torn. I think they turned out pretty darn good!!! Good job!!!

Well, this post is getting quite long....but I did want to share a quick update on our runt kitten, Bones. Do you remember when he looked like this?
Well, now he looks likes this......
He is still the ABSOLUTELY SWEETEST cat in the entire world!!! He begins purring the minute you pick him up and he can sleep anywhere!!! Makes all those days of feeding him with an eyedropper and a bottle worth it!!!

Well....that's all for today. I will try and post more consistently.....I have a TON of cute cards to show you that I've made in my stamp classes......I will work hard to get all that "junk" organized so that I can take pictures of them.

So, until next time....find some time for stamping!!!

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Lesley said...

I can't imagine a 3 hour drive to Ikea - perhaps that's because we are such a small Island lol - I'm not a fantstic blogger either as work and my persnal life have been all consuming recently. I can't wait to see the end result and I wish you may happy hours of crafting in it best wishes Lesley x


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