Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hi and thanks for checking in. We are still in a "construction" mode over here so my blogging is going to be hit and miss. But hopefully not for long :-)

On Monday I was able to clear out my stamp room enough to make room for my club to actually stamp in it....I am working out of boxes. Despite the surroundings and my having to dig around and find a couple of things.....we had a great time!!

We made a couple of cards.....but one card was based on the card that I had made in my stamping class with Karen....I just changed it up a bit. Here it is......
I just added some DSP and ribbon and a small eyelet punched piece. This card just might become my Christmas card for this year. I love the can do so many things by just changing the colors and the images. Love it!!


Well....Steve has been busy assembling all the Ikea pieces....our family room has become his workshop. He is just about done. Here is a picture of him and his handiwork.....
The above drawer units will not be stacked.....they will be supports for the desk tops. He has Friday off from work and from what I understand we will be installing some things. I will be sure to take some pictures. I am going to have to disconnect the computer, but will post some pictures as soon as possible. Can't wait to get it all together!!! I'm so excited!!

Well....that's it for today! I will not be posting tomorrow. So, until next time,
Find some time for stamping!!!

PS: This is my first time posting on our new iMac! I might add that I've been quite iFrustrated in learning how to get around.....but overall I'm in iLOVE with it.


Lisa Atha said...


Oh my gosh, I am so jealous. Your new craft space is going to be great. I love the card, I have just got to get that stamp.


Lisa Atha

Lesley said...

card is lovely and versitile layout like you said. Looking forward to seeing you room set out with Ikea stuff - have fun - Lesley x


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