Saturday, October 31, 2009


BEWARE!!!! Well, just in case you were wondering....Yes, we survived the Halloween Party last night. There was LOTS of eating, screaming, eating, squealing, eating, and fun! They are so funny to watch......oh to be in Jr. High again........WAIT! What am I thinking!!! No thanks!

Here's a few pictures from last night......First of all.....What would Halloween be without candy ?!
This is all of them eating dinner......there were 15 kids total. Steve and I were definitely outnumbered!!
It was pretty chilly (for us in California that is) last night, so here's a picture of my favorite fire fighter......He kept the fire nice and hot.....just like him :-D
I didn't really get any group shots of the boys.....boys are not ones who stand around in a group and hug one another like girls.....The boys were busy playing volleyball, soccer, wrestling, trying to scare the girls so they would scream (that wasn't very hard), eating, and just generally running around. So here are a couple of pictures of the girls......
They all had a good time last fact, I can't get them to go home :-) Four girls spent the night! Girls are SO FUNNY!!! They LOVE to talk....and talk all at the same time. If you don't have a daughter you should borrow one for will make you really appreciate your sons and the sound of silence!!!

Have a great Saturday and Halloween!!! Until next time....

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Lesley said...

well your party look fanstastic - not sure what junior high except it is to do with school - yes I have a dughter who is now 22 and gets married next year but when she was a teenager the house was always busy with lots of talking girls/lads popping in girls staying over raiding the fridge :) have a great weekend - off to church at 10 - best wishes Lesley x


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