Thursday, October 29, 2009


Well, the end is near!! Yeah! Last night Steve put the last of the drawer units in place. Now it's up to me to get moved in!! I was so excited last night that I started putting things away.....once I actually start stamping I might find that I will have to move some things around, but for right now.....wooohooo.....I'm thrilled!!! is how my stamping area will look (minus the junk, of course).....
Here are some of the drawers that I organized.....These will be home to embellishments.....
This cubby is now home to my sewing machine and Big Shot....
Next to that, the drawers hold my Big Shot accessories and dies.....Top drawer has pens, camera, and other miscellaneous stuff that I my chap stick peeking out there on top.
Right next to my work station are drawers that hold my adhesives, markers, cutter, Mat Pack, etc. Look! I even have some EMPTY drawers!!! Probably not for long though :-)
Today my goal is to get moved in. It will be SO NICE to have our home back in order after having it in shambles for almost a month.

Thanks for checking in, reading my blog, and for leaving me sweet comments and emails!!! Sometimes I find it incredible that anybody other than family would even be interested :-) I have truly enjoyed "meeting" new people from across the USA and even in the UK (yes, I mean you..Lesley) who I hope one day I will have the privilege of meeting.

Until next time,
Blessings to you.......Cindy

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Lesley said...

absolutely fantastic I'm very envious :) except I'm not an envious person lol - hope you have many happy hours crafting in you newly constructed area - I bet Steve will now be able to relax!!!


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