Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hi Stampers!

WOW! My second post today!! Scroll down to see the first one....

Hope you had a WONDERFUL and super RELAXING weekend! I know I had fun this weekend.....I spent it organizing my paper and relabeling everything since the new Color Renovation. I took out all the retired stuff and sorted through my scraps. Then I completely re-did a box that I have that holds 1/4 or 1/2 sheets of card stock.....I think it turned out pretty good.........Here is what I did.....

First, I chose 1 color from each collection and cut 10 small scalloped rectangles from each color using the new Clearlits die that's in the new I cut a total of 40. The representative colors I chose were Tempting Turquoise, Crumb Cake, Riding Hood Red, and Certainly Celery.
Then I folded them in half and stapled them to a 1/2 sheet of heavy card stock (my sweet husband use to work for a paper I have a pretty good supply of neutral color card stock). After the tabs were on, I punched out the name of each color with the Word Window punch....I printed this list on a full sheet of label paper, so I was able to just peel and stick!
All that was left was putting them in the box! The box is a CD storage box from Ikea (I LOVE that place!!!)
After that was done, I tackled my scrap bins and sorted my 12x12's.....I haven't yet sorted my DSP scraps since I like to hang on to those babies!

I store all my paper, by collection, in storage boxes from Ikea (did I mention how I LOVE that place?). Each collection has it's own box and it's own box for scraps (the green boxes are scrap boxes). The large black storage boxes hold my DSP, DSP scraps, 12x12's, and then I have one for non-SU card stock scraps.
This system works good for me because my stamp room is on the west side of our home and is very sunny (which is GREAT for me, but not for my paper) storing my paper in boxes prevents it from fading. I also like it because of quick clean up and helps to keep my stamping room at least "looking" orderly :-)

Well...that is what I did over the weekend....only those who LOVE paper can understand how something like this is fun :-) I relate it to those pictures you see of somebody throwing money in the air and laughing......well that would be me except, as dangerous as it might sound, I'd be throwing packs of card stock in air and laughing all crazy! Instead of saying, "Money, money, money", I'd be saying, "Paper, paper, paper". What a KOOK I am!!!

Until next time, find some time for stamping!!



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