Friday, July 16, 2010


Hey Stampers!

Hope this finds your week going well. Today the kids are out waterskiing with some friends of case you didn't know.....waterskiing is MAJOR in our home!!! We are members of a private waterski lake where there is a slalom ski course. My husband is a fanatic and, of course, the kids take after their dad! It's great fun and good exercise!!! Never can go waterskiing often enough at our house :-)

Hey! Have you checked out the new Color Coach?? If you haven''s WONDERFUL!!! I have already used it a number of times because my strong suit isn't in picking colors. Here is a picture of it from the catalog....
It has a screw thing in the corner to keep it all together and so you can also add new In Colors, etc. Although, I wanted a easy way to store I changed it just a bit. I took the screw thing out and replaced with it a binder ring (or I think that is what they are called) I can hang it on some "S" hooks that I have. Nothing is changed about the Color Coach expect the way it is held together....Lookie......
I think it's pretty cool!!! This also makes it easier for me to see the entire card too.....I LOVE it!!! I know, it hangs upside good thing I can still read upside down ;-) I should add....I saved that screw thing....just in case.

Well, with the kids gone for most of the day, I like to take advantage of the time and get some things done around the house.


Until next time, find some time for stamping!!


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Lesley said...

Colour coach look like a good piece of kit - glad the children are enjoying their water ski-iing sound fun - best wishes Lesley x


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