Thursday, June 4, 2009


Happy Thursday!! Just so you all know.....I have been stamping the last couple of days. My problem is....I haven't FINISHED anything that I've been doing. I just haven't had my creative juices flowing this week. Here's a picture of what things look like.....
You'd think that by the looks of things I would be just turning out one great project after another....but no! Although, I am going to WORK at finishing SOMETHING today!!!

Maybe, I'm a bit distracted with this being the last week of school for the kids....they have had lots of activities. Yesterday, there was an awards ceremony, tomorrow they are having a 6th grade promotion ceremony. They've also had pizza parties and a bounce house day (boy, schools didn't have anything like THAT when I went to school :-D). It's also been early release all week. All fun stuff though!!

Even though it is the official end of the school year tomorrow, it's not for ours. Our kids will be going to summer school to prep them for their classes in the fall. It is a short session...only 15 days worth. It will shorten the summer a bit too....sometimes the kids get a bit bored with so much time off.

We don't have any big vacations planned for this summer.....we told the kids that our vacation is going in their mouths. Both need braces, so our "extra" money is going to go towards straightening their teeth. Although, (don't tell anybody!! he he he) we have talked about going on a cruise for Thanksgiving since the kids are given the whole week off :-D

Well, I better go.....Believe it or not, I've got stuff to STAMP!
Until next time,
Find some time for stamping!!!
Blessings, Cindy

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Lisa Atha said...

Hey Cindy,

We all get stampers block, or a creative slump, or whatever you want to call it. Don't sweat it. Browse some blogs or splitcoast, it will come back to you before you know it. Thanks for adding my blog to your list, I put you on my blog list too! What an awesome lady you are, we must keep in touch. Take care and God Bless.

Lisa A.


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