Saturday, August 13, 2011


This week has gone by FAST!!! We have gone from busy to busier in our home. But before I go into that I will show you the card that I made today using the Nature Walk stamp set. I had bought this set and had never had a chance to ink it I had some fun creating this card.....
I have really missed is so relaxing for me to just get lost in the pure joy of making a simple card. Ahhhh....I love stamping!! what's been going on......We picked Andy up at the airport last Thursday after he spent the summer in Canada, then Friday we went to the ski lake and spent the day just having FUN! Saturday we crashed at home, Sunday we went to church and then out to see "Rise of the Planets of the Apes"...which was fun, I LOVE corny movies like that :-).... and then out to dinner, Monday we were home doing laundry and just home stuff, Tuesday Madison and I went into town and did some back to school clothes shopping and ran some errands (shopping with a 13 year old is quite exhausting), Wednesday we went to the ski lake (again) with friends....which sometime while Steve was skiing he strained his back and has been hurting since then, Thursday mornings I work in a friend's office and then that afternoon we registered the kids for HIGH SCHOOL (I can hardly believe that!) and then that evening they went to youth group at church, Friday I finally went grocery shopping while the rest of the gang went AGAIN to the lake.....which is where it looks like Andy BROKE HIS TOE!!! He was paddling around in a paddle boat and somehow broke it....he's not even sure what happened. Here's a picture of it today....the swelling has gone WAY DOWN. Last night, his whole foot was swelled up.
But he's a trooper and has been taking advantage of having to sit with his foot he's been watching a bunch of TV....something he really didn't do all this summer.
So, that is the skinny around here. All in all it has been a busy but good week. I LOVE having my family together and just doing normal everyday things together. Life is good and I am thankful to the Lord for all the blessings that I have in this short life.

Thanks for dropping in and spending a few moments with me.

Until next time,

find some time for stamping!!


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