Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hi Stampers!

Today is my daughter Madison's best friend's birthday.


Here's a couple of pictures of Madison and Hannah.....aren't they just ADORABLE!!!!
Here they are being goofy....
Madison made Hannah this card.....isn't it CUTE!!!??
I just love it and think I'm going to have to case her on this one :-)
She used about three different stamp sets and I love how she just puts all those cheery colors together to make such a cute card. She's a really good little stamper when she puts her mind it it :-)

Well, our sweet Andy comes home tomorrow after spending the summer in Canada on Vancouver Island. Yippee!!! I am just busting to see his cute face and give him a massive, and I'm sure embarrassing, bear hug. We have all missed having him around....just isn't quite the same without him. But the experience of being away and working on our friend's farm will be priceless for him.....he was there a total of 7 weeks! He finally admitted last week that he was getting ready to come home. He's my little man and I love him to pieces!!! I'll be sure to take some pictures of his homecoming.

Thanks for taking the time to visit!!!

Until next time,

find some time for stamping!!


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Lesley said...

the Maddison made Hannah is gorgeous she obviously takes after her mum - best wishes Lesley x


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