Friday, August 5, 2011



ANDY'S HOME safe and sound!!! His homecoming was WONDERFUL!!! I think he has grown about 2 inches since he looks like his hair grew 2 inches as well :-D

He had quite a LONG day.....his flight left Victoria ok....but when he landed in San Francisco his flight to Fresno was delayed 3 HOURS! So, he was stuck in SF.....thankfully, he was able to borrow a phone and let us know. But like all 15 year old boys....he was hungry so I think he occupied himself with eating.

Wouldn't ya know it.....I took my camera to take pictures, but when I turned it on at the airport the battery was DEAD! Ahhhh!! So, I wasn't able to get any pictures of him right when we saw him :-( But, I have been charging the battery all night and today we are going to the lake and will get some pictures there.

Well, I gotta get going and get us packed up for the day.....

Until next time,

find some time for stamping!!


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