Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hi Stampers!

Today I don't have a card to share with you.....but I do have some GREAT NEWS!

Today was the Ranchos Middle School Science Fair. Madison and two of her friends started their project over the Christmas break.....their experiment had to do with which liquid would rust a paperclip the quickest. So for almost 2 months I had cups of different types of liquid (bleach, water, pineapple juice, etc.) sitting on my kitchen counter.....and it paid off for her and her friends. They won THIRD PLACE for the 7th graders!!! We're so proud of her!! Here's a picture of her beside their display.....
Here's a picture of her certificate....
There were about 100 displays.....
Here is what the multipurpose room looked like.....rows and rows of display boards. The 8th graders also had displays.....I was one of the judges for the 8th graders. Those kids are way smarter than me!

Andy had a science fair display too.....he did well....but he didn't win :-( He had another wrestling match again tonight....and unfortunately he didn't win that either :-( What he did win today was this giant kooky looking phone in a special drawing at school.....
He was thrilled with his new and fantastical phone, as much as I think he would have been to win at the science fair. Although, I think winning his wrestling match would have trumped winning the phone.

Believe it or not.....this phone actually WORKS!!! He wants to make it our main house phone.....whadda think? He has been wanting a cell phone.....maybe this will work for him :-D

Well, that's all for us today! Never a boring moment around here!
Until next time, find some time for stamping!!


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