Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hey there stampers! I just looked at my blog and realized that a week has past and I haven't posted anything! I have LOTS of cards made....but I need to take pictures of them. Sometimes just taking pictures and uploading them to the computer seems like such a pain....and when I buckle down and do it, I'm done in hardly any time at all. But, alas, I haven't done that.

Although here is a card from a stamp class a couple of weeks ago (when I last took pictures). It is an easel card. You can see a tutorial on how to make this card here on Splitcoast.
It's pretty straight forward....I'm thinking of making a card for my upcoming stamp club based on this one. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I need to get my cards made....and this is an easy one which looks great.

I haven't mention our kitty, Bones, in a thought I would show you a picture I took of him last week. For those of you who don't know or remember......our cat had 7 kittens and "Bones" was the runt (we called him Bones because he was skin and bones for awhile...and the name stuck). He was being pushed out by the other kittens and was about to we took him and fed him with an eye-dropper and then a bottle, along with allowing him to nurse by holding back his brutish brothers and sisters. Anyway....he survived and is THRIVING!!! He is now quite spoiled....but also the SWEETEST cat I have ever had. He is very much a people-lovin' cat and likes to be the center of attention....sometimes he even gets in the way. But we love him dearly....even Steve, who isn't much of a cat lover, loves fact, he gets to stay in the house most of the time (I'm talkin' about the cat, not Steve :-D ...although, Steve gets to stay in too!!!). For those of you who know Steve....this is HUGE!!!'s a picture of him.....He's not a runt anymore! He jumped into the box while I was unpacking a Stampin' Up! order
Isn't he a cutie??!!

Well....I will work on taking a bunch of pictures of all the cards that I've made, and plan on making this weekend, and posting them.

Until next time, find some time for stamping!!!
Blessings to you..........Cindy


Lisa Atha said...


Loving this card of course! Those hearts look great punched out in Real Red! I have never made one of these easel cards before. Where is that plane fair money when I need it?! Missed you on FB tonight! Take care.


Lisa Atha

Lisa Atha said...

Oh geez, I so forgot to tell you that Bones is absolutely adorable and to thank you for sharing his latest pose with us! Love kitties!




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