Monday, January 18, 2010


Hi Stampers! Thanks for taking the time to visit!

Sunday after church is usually just a real laid back time at our house. If we can't find any friends free to come over after church, we usually just lay around, eat leftovers, take naps, and relax. I might add.....that sometimes we do the exact same things when we do have company :-) Anyways.....yesterday it rained and so it was a PERFECT day for Steve to nap on the couch, the kids to watch DVD's, and for me to stamp.

Madison and I are reading the book "Beautiful Girlhood" together and we needed a I decided to make one on Sunday afternoon. I actually ended up making they are.......
The one with the M is the one I made for Madison.

Bookmarks are a great way to not only use scraps of paper, but also small scraps of ribbon and DSP.....and they serve a purpose!!! They make quick little gifts too! Plus, they are just FUN to make!!!

Darn! My household chores are calling my name......I think they are feeling neglected!

Until next time, find some time for stamping.

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Lisa Atha said...


Hello. I'll bet you thought that I got lost. I am finally feeling better, but not quite 100%. So, I am starting to play catch-up on everything. So please forgive me if I missed commenting a few posts.

I love these bookmarks by the way, they are too cute! Bookmarks are something I don't seem to make often enough, seems I am always looking for one. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Atha


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