Friday, November 13, 2009


Greetings Stampers and Happy Friday!! Hope you have something fun planned for this weekend. We are staying pretty much close to home with the exception of going over my dear friend Michelle's home to play on Saturday.....I'm REALLY looking forward to that!

Had such a busy week having fun that Friday kinda snuck up on me! Monday I had my stamp class, Tuesday was our anniversary and a church activity for the kids in the evening, Wednesday was spent out of town (more about that in a minute :-D), Thursday was my scrapbooking club in the morning and the kids' Tae Kwon Do class and church youth group in the evening....Whew!!! What a week!!! Fun, but BUSY!!!

Yes, Tuesday was our anniversary!! 14 GREAT years!!! While the kids were at their Boys Night Out and Girls Night Out events at church.....Steve and I went to dinner. We are burger lovers and have gone out for burgers almost every anniversary!! Tuesday we went to Farmer they have GOOD burgers!!! Anyways......we are always on the prowl for good burger if you know of any super burger places, please let me know!!!! Incidentally, we were going to break with our burger tradition and go to the Olive Garden, but the wait was over 30 minutes (and on a Tuesday, who would have thought!!!). We wouldn't have had time to really enjoy it so we left....I guess we'll just have to go another day!!! Which means our burger tradition is still in tact!

Ok, now for Wednesday.....ROAD TRIP TO IKEA!!!!! Karen, Gloria and I got up bright and early and drove 3 HOURS to Ikea!!! (I know...we're NUTS!!) But we also felt that it was our obligation to fulfill a cultural void in my friend Karen's life.....she had never been. Half the fun was watching her and hearing all her "Ooohhh, look at this.", "Ahhhh, I could put a Decor Element on that." and "That would make a great stamping surface." We HAD A BLAST!!! In fact, we are ready to go again......and we've got a couple of more friends that want to join us. We might have to charter a bus :-D (just joking, I think!) Here's a picture of Gloria (on the left) and Karen before we went in.
I should have taken a picture of the car when we were all loaded and ready to go home! We had it loaded up with TREASURE!!!

Well.....I better get going.
Until next time,

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Lesley said...

sound's a fantastic day - I am very lucky that my Ikea is only 30 minutes away - you all must deserve a dedicated Ikea award - have a great weekend - Lesley x


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