Saturday, October 18, 2008

Club on Monday and A Long Week

I can't believe how quickly the week can race by!! On Monday evening, I had my stamp club and now it is Saturday late afternoon.....whew!!! The days just fly by.

Below is a picture of my stampin' buddies at club....all but Liz and Paula were present. This is a great group.....they are so fun and are becoming better stampers QUICK!! It is a challenge to keep them begging for more....they keep me on my creative toes! I appreciate each one of them and look forward to many years of stampin' fun! Thanks ladies!!!

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Cindy (wife to Geraud and mommy to Lauren & Benjamin) said...

Yeah for us!! I had such a great time, CINDY. Thanks for having me out. I would love to come again, just not sure when. Have a great week.


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