Thursday, August 30, 2012


For the past year and a half, I have been working in a friend's office about 2-4 hours a week.  But last week, I started working 16 hours a week!!!  Two full days!!  I have been BUSHED when I get home....totally NOT use to making my brain function for that amount of time :-)  I'm loving the work, but it is going to take some getting use to.  But I am hoping that it will force me to be more organized....not only around the house, but in stamping and blogging.  

This week was especially busy since Steve had his brothers from out of state visiting from Sunday and leaving this morning at 4am!!!  We had a nice visit.

I'm hoping that now things will begin to get into a routine.
I'm ready for some boredom ;-)

Until next time, find some time for stamping!!
Blessings & Hugs, Cindy

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Lesley said...

it's a big change for you working 16 hours a week but you'll soon get used to it and the extre money is always good :)

It's a great shame US TV is not showing the Paralimpics as it show what amazing people they are & there is a big US contingent attending.

You take care

Leley x


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