Saturday, August 25, 2012


We live on some acreage that has a seasonal pond each year....we usually have water in it from the first rain until it dries up around June or so.  During wet winters it gets pretty big.  When the kids were small Steve got his hands on this fishing boat that he let the kids play with in the pond.  They had a BLAST in winter and spring playing everything from pirates to pretending to waterski.  Well, now that they are older, the boat has just been sitting out by the Steve decided to clean it up and sell it.  So, after a bit of TLC he needed to make sure it didn't have any we dropped it into our pool.  Kids couldn't resist one last ride.  
As an update.....Steve sold it on Craigslist and the buyer is picking it up on Sunday.

Also, at the beginning of each school year I always take a picture of Andy and is this year's picture of them.  They will be sophomores in high school!!
Boy, they sure do grow up fast!!!

Until next time, find some time for stamping!
Blessings, Cindy

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Lesley said...

3mebmentlovely picture of the children and kids do so love playing n the water best wishes lesley x


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