Wednesday, August 22, 2012


The other day, Madison had an idea for our family.  She thought that we should start a "Family Fun Fund". 
So, she decorated this jar while I was out running errands.....I LOVE it when she uses my stampin' goods!!!
After a family "meeting" at dinner yesterday....we rummaged through the house and found all our loose change and put it in the jar.  
So, the next time we have a hankerin' for some fun, we'll dip into our jar for some "fun funds"! GREAT idea!!!

 Here's a cute picture of her.......she was making us some dinner this evening and while cutting a portabella mushroom said, "Hey! it looks like a mustache!"  
Sure does!!
What a kook!!  
By the way....dinner was great!  
She fixed us whole wheat fettuccine with alfredo sauce and sauteed veggies.  
It was YUMMY!!!

Until next time, find some time for stamping!
Blessings & Hugs, Cindy

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