Friday, February 4, 2011


Hey Stampers!

Sorry I have been a bit absent.......but we were having some major internet issues, which are now resolved. Also, have been busy getting my mother-in-law settled into life in California.....setting up doctor, dentist, DMV appointments and getting prescriptions refilled, etc. But I think now the bulk of all that stuff is done.....I had forgotten how much work is involved in relocating.

I am involved in a Tuesday morning Bible study at our church.....and so I made Valentine's for all the women in my group. They are VERY simple but cute. I have decided I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the new glimmer paper.....I'm thinking Stampin' Up! needs to come out with a bunch of other colors. I also love the matchbox die......I borrowed it from a friend of mine....just might have to put that baby on my wish list!

Here is the Valentine I made......
Each Matchbook is stuffed with 4 pieces of chocolate!
I made a bunch of's a picture of the basket stuffed with Valentines!
Well, I gotta run.....this weekend is a busy one and I need to get out the door. Madison is going with the Jr High group from our church to a winter retreat and Steve and Andy are going to a gun range for a training day.

I just might have to stamp all day on Saturday so that I don't miss them all too much ;-)

Until next time, find some

time for stamping!!



Lesley said...

what a lovely idea for all your church friends best wishes Lesley x

Lisa Atha said...


Gorgeous! Love them!




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