Monday, January 17, 2011


Well....the addition is FINALLY done and this weekend we were MOVIN' Grandma into her new digs!!! Yeah!!! I think we were ALL ready to have this thing done.....especially Grandma!!

First is how our home has looked for the past few months.....

This is the family room....poor Andy has been "camping out" behind those bookcases and Grandma's belongings are in the right hand corner. It makes our house look like one of those homes they feature on the TV program "Hoarders".....yuck!!!
Now, here's our normally wonderful patio all junked up with building supplies and stuff that came out of the garage. Good thing Jesse, our lab, is so good natured.....she hasn't minded her patio being taken over by junk.
Here is where the garage is going.....which won't be built until Spring now since the ground is so wet and the cement truck can't drive in the back for fear of getting stuck!
OK, so that is a pretty good picture of how things have been. is what Grandma's digs look like....We are still waiting on window coverings, which are to be installed on Wednesday and a couple of other super minor things.
Here's her bath....She put a shower curtain up for now.....we had purchased the wrong shower doors and they are being special they still will need to be installed.
When Grandpa was alive, he was an air traffic controller and so he and Grandma moved quite a bit because of his job.....and she said that every time they moved the coffee pot was the last thing out and the first thing here is Grandma moving in her coffee pot first thing....
Next, the refrigerator was's a cute little thing....just perfect for Grandma!!
Then came unpacking all the boxes.....Grandma worked and worked!!!
Movin' the big stuff in....
After a busy day of's Grandma all snug in bed in her new home!!
And here is the family room.....not arranged....but cleared out!!!
Well....that's what has been shakin' around here!
Better get going.....thanks for poppin' in!!!

Until next time, find some

time for stamping!!



Mary Cavalier said...

Looks wonderful! That is so special that you are able to make room for her in your home.

Ann Schach said...

Cindy, how wonderful that things are returning to normal...and how wonderful that your grandmother is able to have her own space!


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