Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Create of Cupcake

Yesterday was my stamp club and instead of doing this card....we did this one!

It is CASEd from a Founder's Circle make-n-take that I found while snooping around online stalking blogs from some very talented stampers.

I LOVE this card!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stamp set AND the punch!!! It has become one of my favorites!!!
This card was SO EASY to make.....plus, I love the simplicity of this card.....two things that really attract me to certain cards. I don't go in for too busy of a card.....I love how other people can make them look beautiful....but my simple mind just can't take in all the stuff, especially if I try and reproduce it. I'll just have to stick with simple....and just every now and then take the plunge into busy :-)

We have some MAJOR GOOD NEWS today in regards to our remodel.....the county came out today to do their one last final inspection....and we PASSED!!! We don't need to make any revisions or anything.....so hopefully by the end of next week we will be done with all those pesky little details and then we'll move Grandma to her new space and allow the kids to have their rooms back. For the past couple of month or so, Andy has been living in a corner of our family room behind a couple of bookshelves.

My daughter has been home sick today. I can't blog long because I have a few things to get done before she wakes. She says it makes her "feel better" when I just sit by her.....so I try and do my running around the house while she's sleeping and then spend some time on the couch with her watching one of our favorite shows "Monk"....we just LOVE that kooky "Monk"!! She doesn't usually suffer in silence and definitely her misery loves company.....so I've got my work cut out for me when she's sick :-)

Better get going.....

Until next time, find some

time for stamping!!



Lesley said...

the sentiment is quite right - great card - love the sentiment best wishes Lesley x

Ann Schach said...

Love this card! Great color choices! And I LOVE Monk...one of my all-time favorite shows!


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