Sunday, September 20, 2009


Boy, I have been having some major technical difficulties lately!!! I have been trying to post some cards and scrap book pages that I've done and for whatever weird reason I haven't been able to upload my pictures!!! :-( It's VERY frustrating!!!

It's funny....because right before I tried again to upload a picture, Steve and I were looking at Mac computers....we're going to be switching to a Mac from a PC. So, maybe this computer knows that it's on it's way to becoming the kids' computer and is being naughty :-)

As soon as I am able to get some pictures uploaded on here I'll show you the very cute pages made at my scrap booking club, the cards that I've made in class, and then the cards that I've just made on my own.

Until next time....find some time for stamping!!!

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Lisa Atha said...

Bummer Cindy, I hope your frustration ends soon. Looking forward to seeing your creations.


Lisa Atha


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