Saturday, December 1, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, to celebrate our anniversary Steve and I spent 3 days in Monterey, CA.  We took our bikes and rode on the Monterey Peninsula Recreational Bike Trail.   It is a WONDERFULLY paved bike path that goes for MILES!  We rode our bikes all 3 days.....we never moved the car after we parked it at the hotel.

If you have ever been to Monterey, then you know that it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  The weather couldn't have been better either.  We had gorgeous fact, I got a bit red on my face.

Below is a picture of where we stopped to have a picnic lunch.....of course, the photo doesn't even begin to show the true beauty of this Pacific Grove beach. 
I also just LOVE to beach comb.....I can walk for hours and hours looking for beach glass (which is my favorite thing to find), pretty shells and anything else that looks interesting likes rocks or drift wood.  
This trip I found quite a bit of beach glass, one sand dollar, and a few really pretty shells....the shells were pretty small except for was a BLAST!
My sweet husband is very patient and just sits and watches.....sometimes he watches me fall down (which happened once during this trip) trying to escape the waves when they come up further on the beach than I expect them to, or when I'm so focused on the ground that I forget to look around :-)

Here we are walking in the late afternoon on the big sandy beach that is on the northern end of Monterey towards Sand City.
Here is a picture of us standing on the edge of a small cliff!  I was pretty freaked out, but Steve assured me he wouldn't let us fall to the rocks below :-)
We had such a great time!!  I am so blessed to have such a sweet husband who treats me like a QUEEN!!
I wasn't ready to go home and back to reality when we left and I'm definitely ready to go back again!!

Until next time, find some time for stamping!!
Blessings & Hugs, Cindy

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Lesley said...

What a wonderful few days away you had - Pacific Grove beach looks idyllic - a lovely place to spend a few days best wishes Lesley (belated anniversary wishes too!!) x


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