Wednesday, March 9, 2011

AWOL.....& the NEW BOAT

Hi Stampers!

I know, I know.....once again I have fallen off the face of the blogging earth!
Each time I do, I feel awful!
I think about how I should take pictures of what I'm creating and then blog about it....but it just gets shoved to the back burner. So.....SORRY, please bear with me!!!

I have been working on making favors for our church's upcoming women's retreat.....they are similar to the Valentine's from this post, but I used sea shell images. I have quite a few of them to I will definitely take a picture of them when I get some done. I have made a sample and I'm in the process of putting them together in "assembly-line" fashion. So when I get my act together I will dig out my camera and take a few pictures.

I will share with you a couple of pictures of our "new"'s an older model MasterCraft. We had a boat almost exactly like this a few years ago.....we're pretty excited about this coming summer!!! We do LOTS of waterskiing on our waterski lake that has a slalom course....but we are looking forward to taking the boat out on a "real" lake and doing some tubing and wakeboarding. Slalom course skiers usually don't spend much time's seen as a waste of "good" water ;-)
Although, we're trying to get Andy and Madison to get serious about waterskiing.....we tell them that skiing might be their ticket to a cheaper college education! There are still a few universities with waterski teams.

Here's the gang getting the boat ready to was kinda chilly that day...but the sun warmed us up! We brought blankets just in case.
Here's a picture of the kids having our "Jenkins Family Traditional Picnic Lunch".....we ALWAYS have salami, Ritz crackers, cheese, and stuffed green olives.

Well, I better get going......I will try and be back REALLY SOON because about a week or so ago, I was emailed that I was given a "Stylish Blogger" award....anyway, I need to read about what I need to do and thank those kind bloggers for thinking of me!!!

Until next time, find some

time for stamping!!



Lesley said...

just checking in with you -hope you are all well? Lovely boat, lake and children - what a wonderful way to relax on a boat on a lake :) You have such a wonderful family life
best wishes Lesley x

Angel Hawks said...

Nice boat! So Jealous!

I'm your new follower from Stampin' Connection.

Angel Hawks


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