Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey Mom! So I told you I was gonna hack your account and make a blog post and you didn't seem to care so yeah..
ANYWAYSS I love you with all my heart.. I want you to know that no matter the situtation I love you more than anything(: We've gone through soo much and even through the ups and the downs I love you. I know when Im in one of my moods Im a jerk and a snot(i don't think i spelled that right but..whatevss) but you have almost always been there for me..ALMOST, sometimes your in one of them too at the same time. but yeah I love you and I know i say stuff that is mean and Im sorry I don't mean any of that. So yeah I love you ALOT!!<3<3

Love your amazing daughter..

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Lesley said...

such a wonderful daughter - how lucky you are best wishes Lesley x


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