Friday, May 15, 2009


Whew! Where do I begin????

Flatlanders......Like I went well. I sold enough to be satisfied that the effort was worth it. It was a long day, but I had a great time talking with people and playing "store". The first thing that I sold out of was anything Mother's Day. Next time, I will be more aware of dates like that when I prepare. Also, people LOVE a bargain!! I had a box of OLD, OLD cards that I almost threw away, but in stead, decided to put out for .25 each....wouldn't you know it....people gobbled them up! All in all, it was a GRAND time and I would do it again!! Here's a picture of what my booth looked like at the beginning of the day....
Here's a picture of the type of help I had that day.....I think my husband, Steve, was really sleeping under those glasses!!! :-D
Oh more thing I learned....don't try and cram too many different types of things in one and SU stuff, olives, and miscellaneous gift items. We all did ok, but I think we all would have done better with separate booths.

Also, I had made a bunch of gift's a picture of one that I had left.... goodness, do they grow FAST!! They are beginning to want to play with each other and are getting curious of their surroundings. They are rollie-pollie balls of fur and claws. The picture isn't great, but here is one that I took just this morning....
This little one looks just like it's mother!! I will try and get some better pictures of them....they wiggle and squirm around lots, so I will wait until one of the kids can help me wrangle them!

Stamping stuff....yesterday was my Scrapbooking Club. Once a month we make 2 12x12 pages.....I am really beginning to enjoy it. I haven't yet made any on my own, but now that Flatlander's is over I will have more time to stamp. Here is a picture of the 2 pages we made yesterday.....
The picture doesn't do these pages justice....the flowers were stamped on vellum cardstock, embossed and then dusted with Dazzling Diamonds glitter....they're really quite gorgeous! Gloria does an excellent job of designing these pages each month!!

Stampin' Up! is currently offering some fabulous promotions.....particularly for scrapbookers. Also, you can become a demonstrator for ONLY $75!!! Both of these promotions I will detail tomorrow....this post is just getting too long for even me!!

I still have my RAK welcome cards to post and it seems like something else, but I can't think of it now. The dust is beginning to settle from all the things that have been going on, so I will be better at being more prompt with my posts.

Until next time,
Find some time for stamping!!!
Blessings to you, Cindy

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