Thursday, November 13, 2008


Last Saturday (11/8) we had a yard sale.....where do we get all this JUNK??!! Anyway, we laid all our stuff out for folks to buy...we did pretty well considering most, if not all, of our "merchandise" was pitiful. The kids set up a coffee stand and were selling cups of coffee for .25....they had a good time (at first anyway).

We have a rule in our home....anything that goes out for a yard sale doesn't get put back. So, around noon we loaded up any unsold items into the truck and took them down to the Good Will. Viola! Instant clean up!

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Cindy (wife to Geraud and mommy to Lauren & Benjamin) said...

I love the "no put back in the house rule". Good for you guys for making a little bit of extra cash. And the Good Will was blessed too.


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