Monday, October 22, 2012


I thought I had better give you an update on my mom....she is doing GREAT!!   She had a pacemaker put in and came through with flying colors.  She still has to take it easy for another month, but after that she should be able to resume all her prior activities.  My mom is very active and social.....she goes to a dance club each week, is a member of the local garden club, has a group of girlfriends and they call themselves "The Birthday Girls", is a docent at their local historical society, and a bunch of other stuff.  She tons of fun!

Well, our sweet Jesse has been gone about a month now.....and life just isn't the same without a dog.  So yesterday, we went and picked up our new baby.  

We named her Gus (I call her "Miss Gussy").  
It's a long story, but for those of you who ever watch the show "Psych" on tv, we named her after Gus on that show.  I know he's a guy, but Gus (on the show) is sweet and he's black.....and so is our Gus.  Her face reminds me of Jesse' incredibly sweet.
She is 7 weeks old....(totally not use to a puppy.  Jesse was slow and steady.......not so much with Gus).   She is a black lab/German Shorthair mix...her mom is a purebred German Shorthair that, unfortunately, jumped the fence and made friends with a lab.  So she looks like a lab with a longer snout and has the short hair of a German Shorthair.  And to top it off....can you believe she was free?!
To say the least....we haven't gotten much done since yesterday after picking her up.  Who can resist the sweet smell of puppy..... so we play with her and then we let her nap.  Do you think she'll grow into those paws?  :-)
 We are loving the new addition to our family.....I think she will fit right in!
Until next time, find some time for stamping.

 Blessings, Cindy

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Lisa Atha said...


She is just adorable!!! I have been so busy lately, so sorry to not be in touch with you or so long. I am going back to college to get a different degree since I can't find a job in Architecture in so long, so I am very busy these days. Please send me an email soon and keep in touch. Do not respond to this one however. Here is my new email:

Hugs, Lisa Atha


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