Monday, October 18, 2010


Hi Stampers,

It feels as if it has been months since I last blogged....but I think it has only been a couple of weeks or so. just seems that if it isn't one thing it's another. But I have a few moments while dinner is cooking in the oven to make a quick post.

One of the last times I posted I think I told you about Steve separating his shoulder and being off work for 6 weeks. Well, he is much improved and it has actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It's a blessing because we have started construction on our house....converting the garage to a mother-in-law suite and building a garage.....and he has been able to help out a bit and answer all the questions that the workers have had. So, things are progressing much faster than we thought they'd go.....Yeah!

Here's some pictures of what's been going on around here.....Actually, first I need to share that I won an Honorable Mention in a monthly themed contest that Stampin' Up! has for its US and Canadian demonstrators. My name was printed in their monthly demonstrator magazine and then the card was posted on the demonstrator website.....I took a picture of the screen....I felt very honored!
OK, now back to life around here!

Here's Andy ripping out the drywall in the garage where the bathroom is going to be built
Here's the progress on the's our friendly neighborhood plumber putting in the rough plumbing....actually he is our neighbor who lives 2 houses down
Now the bathroom walls.....
Here's Steve helping to move the propane tank so that the garage can be built...
The tank's final resting spot.....peacefully under these trees. This was a bit nerve racking for me....I felt like they were moving a giant bomb.
Here's Andy, who has been an AMAZING help to his dad, digging up concrete so that the garage can be built and electricity and water can go to it. We had a young man over jack-hammering this, what a noise that thing makes!!!
I have some more pictures in my camera that I took today and will download another I said things are progressing quickly!!! I'm hoping that it can be almost finished by the time my mother-in-law returns from Colorado in mid November.

But it hasn't been all work and no play for the Jenkins household.....we have gotten in a few leisurely going to the annual Civil War Re-enactment. That was a blast....and Andy, our family history buff, is going to actually join the Confederate Army in March and take part in a few Civil War Re-enactments. A woman from our church is in charge of Confederate regiment and she is going to take him under her wing....the only downside for him is that he has to be a Confederate and not a Union soldier. But the downside can not even compare with the upside.....this regiment that he's joining is in charge of firing these babies.......Yes, CANNONS!!!!
Here's one of the battles....
We also found time to go to the lake with some water ski friends and just have FUN.....we pulled the kids around on a tube behind the boat...they had a BLAST!!!!
OK....well, this is WAY LONGER than I had intended, so I'm going to stop now. Thanks for sticking with me and I'm hoping to be back sooner as opposed to later.

Until next time, find some time for stamping!!!



Lesley said...

Hi Cindy
sorry that Steve hurt his shoulder hope it is on the mend and he is getting on ok. Your conversion looks great - I'll be your mother in law any day if I can stay in a dedicated suite!!! lol

The Civil War enactment look really good

well all of you take care
best wishes
Lelsey x

Patti said...

You're one busy household. Much success with the renovations. I'm a new follower from Stampin' Connection.


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