Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Computer.....Old Dork at the Keyboard

Just last week we installed a new works GREAT!!! Much better than our old laptop that seemed to do little else than make the user impatient and stir up anger.

Anyway.... This "Old Dork" has been intending to publish some posts, but has been unable to figure out how to get my pictures from my camera into the computer. At least with the laptop I knew how to download my pictures.....that part was a snap. I know it is probably something VERY easy, but I haven't figured it out and haven't had the time to play with it to figure it SORRY!

I had made some cute gift tags and gift card holders.....if I can figure the picture downloading thing out, I will post them ASAP.

If I don't get to posting anything before Christmas....Have a BLESSED Christmas!!!

PS: My New Year's resolution will be to become a better blogger :-)

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